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Do you have a business idea, but you don’t know where to get started? Does all that business jargon sound like Chinese? You landed in the right place! I am Ioana and I am a business expert, having studied and worked in business for more than a decade. I am passionate about business and dreams, so let’s make yours reality!

Welcome entrepreneur!

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Like any type of construction, building your idea requires a solid base, which is called a business model. This is a blueprint that defines how you will be creating, delivering, and capturing value. On this base, we can build afterwards a business plan, including a financial plan.

About Me
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We will first have a meeting where you can tell me all about your idea and then, if we agree to work together, I will walk you through the basics of starting a business. By the end of our collaboration, you will have a business model with which you feel confident and that you can easily apply and explain to investors.


Let's build a solid business together!

If you can dream it, you can do it and I can help! Live the life that you dream of living!

Let's Talk
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